Tips For Healthy Breathing in Humidity!


If you are affected by chronic lung problems, our current hot and humid weather conditions can prove challenging for your breathing. While it’s impossible for you to change the weather, there are a few tips that might make your breathing a little easier!

1. Know what triggers make it hard for you to breathe and avoid them

Temperature changes are not the only thing that can make it difficult for you to catch your breath. Environmental triggers can make breathing in hot, muggy weather even worse. Some things you may encounter every day that can make you short of breath include:

· Fumes from things like paint or cleaning products
· Pesticides and Insecticides
· Mold and Mildew, which can seem worse when you’re staying inside to avoid the hot and humid weather.
· Dust and pet dander
· Smoke from things like campfires or secondhand smoke

2. Speaking of smoke……

If you smoke, stop. If you don’t think you can on your own, speak to your doctor about getting help. There are lots of ways to quit, one of them is right for you.

3. Learn to live a healthier lifestyle

Breathing affects everything you do and everything you do affects your breathing. Some changes you might make to help your overall health, and your breathing include

· Watch your diet.
· Watch your stress levels
· Exercise. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting any exercise program

While none of these things will change the 90 degree days or the 90% humidity, they can help you breathe better when the weather is miserable. Take care of yourself!

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